My new website

I started this website is to ease the sharing of my family tree with others interested. It was principally to be the tree, and pictures relating to it - people, places, graves and a Family prayer book and Bible, etc.

I had limited time available for this, though, so it was (as expected) slow to improve / have material added.

Although I did update the data on the tree a few times it was cumbersome to do, and linking in photos etc. very difficult. I remain busy with various other things, so in 2010 when I came across TNG - an up-to-date, database based, way of putting my tree online, and making it much easier and most importantly quicker to do, I bought a copy of the software. (I bought it in April, started using it in August, and added a little more in way of photos etc. late 2010 / early 2011!) For my tree please look there. For other info. do look at pages here - it will all be transferred to my new site but I haven't had time yet.

The info. remaining here is that for each "area" of my tree (as far as it got) drawing attention to the more interesting information I have, and more general articles.